Sportsman 101: Tips for Your Camping Cookout

A little over a month ago I packed up my bags for a cross country ride on two wheels to spend some time decompressing, away from the New York City hustle. The ride from the East Coast to Montana, although seemingly stress free, takes much more preparation than people think. When space is limited, selecting the most important gear can be difficult but there are a few easy tricks to properly pack and ensure the group is well fed. Oftentimes, people associate camping with eating bland, flavorless food that doesn't require much cooking which simply isn't the case.  Although it's not always possible, most anyone can turn a camping trip into some of the best meals of their lives. One very important thing to note - never forget a flask.  

Gear: The Upland Jacket 2.0, Chocolate | The Hunters Shirt, Blue | The 6 Point Denim Pant, Selvage | The Anorak, Steel Blue | Thomas & Thomas x Ball and Buck Bamboo Rod | Signature Leather Pot Holder

There are a few essential ingredients that can turn any camping trip into a culinary experience. A few of our go-to's include: eggs, bacon, sausage, bell peppers, steak, and instant coffee.  On our most recent trip, we cooked up some bacon and bell pepper hash, threw it in the cast iron skillet to add some extra flavor and it quickly fed the whole crew.  

Sportsman's tip - use the grease from the bacon to cook your eggs in for added flavor without needing much seasoning. 

Another easy way to elevate your cooking experience is to swap out the bland hot dogs for some stuffed sausages, this time we went with a simple sweet Italian sausage cooked directly over an open fire. 

Nothing, and we mean nothing, tastes better cooked in an iron skillet than steak. The flavors from the cast iron skillet are almost all you need in terms of seasoning. If available, throw on some salt, pepper, and a touch of butter and you have a perfect steak.  

The Limited Edition Buck Folding Hunter cut right through the steak to help check temperature and doubled as a spatula when supplies were low. 

Our packing list before we hit the road. 

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