Perfect Steak and Eggs Recipe

Ball and Buck is dedicated to sourcing the finest materials for all product. We seek only companies who give the same 110 percent to everything they do. At Sorrel River Ranch, we received an all-access experience. From documenting the process to creating the menu to sourcing the ingredients, they're truly farm-to-table.

Chef Vince seasons the 22oz dry-aged cowboy ribeye with fresh Tellicherry black pepper and locally-sourced sea salt. From the meat to the thyme, everything is harvested within 24 hours. Nothing sits on the shelf. The resort says, "we do this so the guest can truly get to experience the flavors of what food is supposed to taste like." Chef Jussiaea (pictured on the right), the farm chef, seeks only the best ingredients from the local farms. Our founder, Mark Bollman, raves about this place. He was inspired by the quality of the food, resort decor, the staff's upbeat demeanor. He knew Sorrel River Ranch would be a great partner in shooting our spring campaign.

Sorreal River Ranch features hydroponics and green houses onsite. Chefs use the plants (pictured are micro greens) from the facilities in every meal.

Farm to table is more than a technique or practice — it's a lifestyle choice. Ball and Buck is a lifestyle brand. We live by the brand's standards every day. It's critical. We wear only the highest quality materials. Why wouldn't we consume only highest quality food available?

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