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Canvas Wax

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Waxing canvas garments has long been the standard for increased durability and weatherproofing. Our heat activated Canvas Wax is perfect for bringing your Ball and Buck waxed products back to their factory finish and performance. In addition, our canvas wax will work to add water repellency to unwaxed items. Using the directions provided, this wax applies easily when melted then applied with a natural-bristle brush, soft cloth, and some elbow grease.


  • ½ Pint (8 FL OZ)
  • All Natural Finish
  • Weatherproofs
  • Made in the USA
  • Place Tin In 1.5" Cool Water
  • Use Heating Element To Simmer Until Melted
  • Apply With A Brush Or Lint-free Cloth
  • Use Only As Much Wax As Can Be Absorbed
  • Massage Into Fabric For Uniformity
  • Allow 24-48 Hours For Wax To Cure