A hunting-inspired, Made in the USA,
clothing brand for the sporting gentleman.

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We’re an all American company — born and bred with
red, white, and blue running through our veins.

About Us

About Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck is an outfitter tailored for the sporting gentleman. Our mission is to build products and experiences that set the benchmark for quality and become more valuable with age. Founded in 2008 when the US economy was at its worst, Mark Bollman, CEO and Founder, created Ball and Buck as a way to help support American jobs while setting the benchmark for high quality products.

It’s this emphasis on creating the highest-quality goods that has earned success for Ball and Buck. Incorporating the heritage and legacy values of our forefathers, Ball and Buck promotes quality over quantity. Because of our commitment to quality and authenticity, we are able to ensure unparalleled craftsmanship. We understand the importance of quality gear because we know how the active sportsman uses it. We know because we use our gear ourselves everyday. It is designed to be worn, to be lived in, to be beaten to hell—exactly the way past generations did. We’ve made it our mission to continue their legacy and build products that create their own legacy.

Our Heritage

An Endless Pursuit of Quality

Our heritage takes us back to a time when men cared about their appearance and understood that there was no substitute for quality. In our eyes, quality means endurance and perseverance. Our endless pursuit of quality begins with our materials that we source from around the world. After finding the highest quality materials we craft each product by hand, right here in America. This enables us to offer the long-lasting products to our customers. We’re also deeply invested in American Jobs and know that retaining America’s ability to make things, is critical to our long-term viability.

We built the Ball and Buck Experience taking inspiration
from our history and America's never ending philosophy
to always do better and work harder.

Our Inspiration

Our Roots

Our founder, Mark Bollman, comes from a long line of outdoorsmen and sportsmen. His father, grand father, and great grandfather all share a supreme love of the outdoors - something they shared with Mark from a very young age. From hunting ducks in Michigan, fly fishing the great rivers of the West, and camping in the Smokey Mountains, the outdoor lifestyle isn't just an inspiration for Ball and Buck, but rather is baked into every product and decision we make as a company. Below you’ll find a small selection of photos of Mark’s family heritage.

Marks Grandfather in Alaska
Great Grandfather on The Water
Northern Michigan
Marks Grandmother After a Successful Hunt
Marks Great Grandfather on The Water
Marks Grandfather in Rhode Island Cabin

The things that make us American,
have always been the things we create.

Our Core Products

The Best Products In The World

The Hunter's Shirt

The shirt we built our company on, Made in USA. The Hunter's Shirt is Ball and Buck's signature item, our bread and butter, designed to cater every aspect of the sporting gentleman's life. From the shirt's reinforced elbow patches, allowing you to get-low, hugging the earth while deep in the brush, to the stay strong collar that stands crisp and tall every night you wear it out on the town. The Hunter's Shirt is the most versatile component of any man’s wardrobe and a shirt anyone will look their best in, anytime and anywhere.

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The 6 Point Pant

The Pair of Pants You'll Never Take Off. At Ball and Buck we were tired of putting on another company's pants each morning. The handling of such a significant, and even intimate, article of clothing should never be offered up to the wrong people and their one-style-fits-all, assembly-line view of the world. With The 6 Point Pants, we give you a pair of Chinos that wear as if tailor-fitted with your exact measurements in mind and practically put one foot in front of the other for you.

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The Upland Jacket

The Upland Jacket is the Ball and Buck philosophy manifest: American-Made, crafted with a marriage of function and timeless design, and created from quality material that guarantees use from generation to generation.Only when you feel the weight of the Waxed Cotton Shell on your shoulders or the texture of the Whale Corduroy Collar on the back of your neck do you truly understand how special this garment is. Like the Original Upland Jacket, you know this is something made to last a lifetime. Dry waxed cotton shell provides even better resistance to water and wind and the velcro cuffs allow you to pair your Upland Jacket with your favorite pair of Deerskin Gloves.

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Our products are made of the
absolute highest-quality materials.

Our Core Materials

The Best Materials In The World

Signature Plaid

Inspired from the traditional plaids of heritage hunting estates, our signature plaid incorporates everything that it means to be a sporting gentleman. A foundation of earth tones with accents of classic navy and and a pop of blaze orange. It’s a pattern as high quality and versatile as the products incorporating it.

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Original Camo

Our Original Camo was created by our founder and president, Mark Bollman for use on and off the field. After spending most of his younger years hunting with his grandfather, The inspiration for our Original Camo is rooted in this history and is pulled directly from the hunting jacket his grandfather wore in the field.

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Signature Canvas

Built using the same military specifications as the iron-tough canvas used in WWII, our 12.29oz signature canvas boasts over 190 yarns per square inch and is both water repellant and mildew resistant. This fabric has the perfect combination extreme abrasion resistance and lightweight in beautiful fashion.

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Signature Leather

When we set out to create our Signature Leather, we knew there was pretty much only one company we wanted to partner with: Horween Leather Company. Founded in 1905, Horween is undoubtedly one of the most respected, if not the most respected, leather tanneries in the country. Our Signature Leather is a Latigo Leather. That means it’s a combination chrome and veg tan, which gives it incredibly durability. Horween sources their hides from all over the upper midwest. The team at Horween hand picks the best hides, and the top 15 percent go into creating Ball and Buck’s Signature Leather. It takes the craftsmen at Horween 30 days, with some 35 steps in total, to process our Signature Leather. No detail is overlooked.

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