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Versa Fly Patch in Neutral

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Introducing the Fly Patch – your ultimate fishing companion. With our innovative Versa patch system, easily attach it to your active shirt or jacket for hassle-free access. Crafted from self-healing silicon material, it bounces back after each use. The full-grain leather back, adorned with brass studded buttons and blaze orange stitching, adds a touch of style. With over a 30 fly capacity, it's perfect for any fishing condition. High quality, long-lasting, and versatile – it's time to hit the river in style. A must-have for avid fly fishermen who always wants to be ready to cast a line at a moment's notice.


  • Versa Attachable Fly Patch System works with select Active+ Shirts and Anoraks
  • Self-Healing
  • Antique Brass Rivets for Attachment
  • Genuine Leather Backing
  • Holds 35+ Flies
  • Imported