How to Guide: Top Fishing Spots in the Northeast

Fly fishing, whether you do it for the sheer sport, or the cerebral nature of standing in the river with only the trout and your thoughts, still grants you the ability to connect to nature in its purest elements. It’s a surefire way to disconnect from the fast-paced nature of our digital world and commands your full attention, rather than letting you drift back to the work day and any overflowing email inboxes.

Until a few decades ago, fly-fishing was relegated to mostly hooking trout, particularly in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, but the concept has expanded and you can partake even if you live on the east coast.

Paul, founder of River Bay Outfitters, the only fly fishing shop on Long Island, is adamant that you can go off the beaten path and enjoy a fruitful fly-fishing day in Westchester and Connecticut.

In the mood for fishing without leaving Long Island? There are 5 streams for trout fishing in Westchester. 
 Is Connecticut your home base? Paul suggests two rivers, the Farmington and the Housatonic. The Housatonic is his favorite because that’s where he started fly fishing and it makes him think so much of Montana. It’s a Western style stream just two hours from his own home. He can fish the evening hatchet and head back to his own bed, or spend the night to get the full experience. The river is loaded with trout but he loves fishing for Smallmouth in the summer when he can expect to have a 30-40 fish day.

Want to look for streams the old fashioned way? Paul suggests simply looking at a map and exploring the blue lines because you never know what you'll find. We're clearly advocates for packing up your gear and exploring — you never know what's on the other side of the river.

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