Conquest HD 10x32 mm Binoculars

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The well-balanced Conquest HD binoculars provide outstanding performance from an uncompromising design. Experience beautiful image quality while hunting. the aluminum chassis design guarantees that the HD platform can take the never-ending abuses from the hunt.


The Conquest HD 10x32 is a compact, lightweight binocular that serves as a magnification powerhouse ideal for stalking and identifying your quarry.


The smaller binocular utilizes a heavy-duty, rubber armored frame yet remains convenient for carry and quick deployment in difficult terrain.


The 10x magnification provides a great combination of overview of the environment and highly detailed images - whether near or far. It has a near focus setting of 4.9 feet. the HD 10x32 is very manageable as a compact, hand-held binocular for experienced users. It offers a tattle-tale view of the animal, and other parts of nature, at long distances.



  • 90% Light Transmission
  • Optimised Operating Elements
  • Compact and Robust Construction
  • Zeiss T* Coating Guarantees Brilliant, High-contrast Images­­
  • LotuTec Coating for Lenses Enables a Clear and Unhindered View in All Weather Conditions