Conquest HD 8x32 mm Binoculars

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The well-balanced Conquest HD binoculars provide outstanding performance from an uncompromising design. Experience beautiful image quality while hunting. the aluminum chassis design guarantees that the HD platform can take the never-ending abuses from the hunt.


The Conquest HD 8x32 is a lightweight binocular that is ideal for stalking game during the day as well as for packing into the back country where every ounce of additional weight and unnecessary gear gets left behind.


Its compact size still maintains a rugged frame yet makes it convenient for carry and quick deployment in difficult terrain. the 8x magnification provides a friendly and welcome wide field-of-view and allows for shake-free viewing of the images.


The near focus setting of an amazing 4.9 feet allows you to experience crisp images and clear colors up close - very close. This represents the near-perfect binocular for bow hunting.


The 8x32 satisfies all ergonomic requirements: the focusing wheel is so conveniently placed that it can always be quickly and easily used with or without gloves on.


Many Professional Hunters from around globe prefer this binocular for its size, weight, performance, convenience, and optical imagery. We can all learn from professionals.



  • 90% Light Transmission
  • Optimised Operating Elements
  • Compact and Robust Construction
  • Zeiss T* Coating Guarantees Brilliant, High-contrast Images­­
  • LotuTec Coating for Lenses Enables a Clear and Unhindered View in All Weather Conditions