Conquest HD 10x42 mm Binoculars

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The well-balanced Conquest HD binoculars provide outstanding performance from an uncompromising design. Experience beautiful image quality while hunting. the aluminum chassis design guarantees that the HD platform can take the never-ending abuses from the hunt.

This is Zeiss' most popular professional-grade binocular. It keeps on delivering under the worst weather and hunting scenarios imaginable. You may give up on the hunt, but these binoculars will not give up on you.


The legendary Conquest HD 10x42 binocular feature the largest field of view in its class and even at long distances it provides detailed views of wildlife and enables long, fatigue-free observation moments. What about low light? Bring it on. the HD lens system and T* (T star) six-layer light-transmission coating guarantees maximized color rendition and image brightness.


The overall design goes well beyond heavy-duty, yet is comfortable in the hands. the rubber armored machined aluminum chassis further compliments the ergonomics and provides a non-slip grip. the large focusing wheel is ideal for gloved hands when conditions are wet or freezing. It also allows for finer focusing, creating a highly precise true-to-life image.


The Conquest HD definitely hunts - like a professional.



  • 90% Light Transmission
  • Optimised Operating Elements
  • Compact and Robust Construction
  • Zeiss T* Coating Guarantees Brilliant, High-contrast Images­­
  • LotuTec Coating for Lenses Enables a Clear and Unhindered View in All Weather Conditions